In a time of crisis, in a time of uncertainty, when the authorities are trying to charge you with a crime – there is no other attorney I would call other than Jon Zulauf. His dedication to our case was truly above and beyond what anyone could expect. Jon’s extensive knowledge of the law, attention to detail and his many numerous contacts were instrumental in bringing our case to a favorable conclusion. Jon’s knack for dealing with younger clients, his patience and his thoughtful tone shows that he cares a great deal about his clients. I know he cared a great deal about my daughter when the authorities charged her with a crime she did not commit. On several occasions during our 17 month nightmare the prosecutor tried to bend and twist the law but Jon was there, he was there every step of the way. If it were not for Jon Zulauf and his dedicated staff I am 100% sure that my daughter would have been railroaded into pleading guilty to a crime she did not commit. I cannot say enough good things about Jon, his skill and ability to represent and defend you in a court of law.

— G.J.

We are forever in your debt. Thank you for everything. We have been floating on air every day since hearing the word “innocent.”

— T.B.

WOW . . . WOW . . . WOW . . . JON YOU ARE AMAZING . . . this letter is more than perfect . . . you have done everything and said everything that can be done . . . it is more than we could have all hoped for . . . and you have done an incredible amount of thinking, research, not to mention . . . put your heart and soul into it . . . how can we as a family ever repay you for such an incredible thing you have done here . . . this is not just a job well done, Jon……this is much more than that . . . my words seem so small, for what you have done . . . and yes . . . there are tears in my eyes . . . Thank you.

— S.B.

It’s been one hell of a year for me . . . Thanks to you I am in business and I will never forget what you and your team did for me.

— E.R.

Jon Zulauf is renowned in his field and it’s no wonder why. With a keen eye for managing risk, Mr. Zulauf enabled both criminal charges as well as a costly trial to be avoided. Mr. Zulauf then turned the case around, obtaining a precedent setting decision in superior court.

— A.

We want to thank Jonathan Zulauf, from the bottom of our hearts, for all his hard work and dedication during our recent trial, in which we were facing 7 years in prison and $30 Million+ in Restitution and other penalties assessed by the Federal Government, resulting from a Federal Indictment brought against us by the IRS Dec.9, 2002. Due to his meticulous legal skills and outstanding courtroom demeanor; after 7 years of Government harassment and intimidation, including raids, seizures, an Appeals Process, and 2 Jury Trials — we finally obtained a “NOT GUILTY” verdict on all 64 Counts December 21, 2007. To this day, we are still thanking God for guiding Jon in all his efforts, since we are free people today. Without hesitation, we recommend Jonathan Zulauf to anyone seeking a professional, meticulous, knowledgable, kind, and compassionate criminal defense attorney, who is facing charges brought against them by the Internal Revenue Service and Dept. of Justice.

— P.M. and J.M.

. . . I’ve been incarcerated since Jan. 21, 1993. I was sentenced to a term of life plus 60 years in prison for drug trafficking. When I met Mr. Jon Zulauf, I had already served a term of 15 years. All my remedies were exhausted. Jon came into my life with the motion 3582 and worked real hard on my case. Was up close and personal, and was able to get me a term of 240 months. Now I have a release date of 2010. Jon Zulauf saved my life, and gave me another chance to be back in society. Thank You Mr. Zulauf, you’re a gift from up above!

— P.R.