State v. Brandt

Jon Zulauf won “not guilty” verdicts in Yakima County Superior Court in the case of State v. Brandt. Jon’s client had been charged with two counts of vehicular assault in an accident that could have resulted in a 20-year jail sentence.

See State v. Brandt, Jon Zulauf blog, May 13, 2010

United States v. Moran

Pam Moran and her husband were together charged with 76 counts of Tax Fraud and conspiracy. After a three week jury trial, Pam Moran was acquitted of all charges. Mr. Zulauf presented a reliance on the advice of counsel defense.

See Couple acquitted of tax fraud, Seattle Times, January 4, 2008

United States v. Rangeloff

Mr. Zulauf’s client was charged with the theft of a Rolls Royce from a customs warehouse and lying to a government agent. After a two week jury trial he was acquitted of the two most serious charges.

Trucking company executive sentenced to jail for theft of Rolls-Royce, Seattle Times, November 14, 2008.

State v. Courtney Love

Ms. Love was charged with assaulting another band member at the Gorge in George, Washington. Ultimately all charges were dismissed.

United States v. Michael Crowson

Mr. Crowson, a lawyer, was charged with Racketeering in the federal district court in Alaska. Mr. Crowson allegedly bribed officials to obtain freight contracts. It was the first Racketeering trial in Alaska.

State v. Emmett Ford

Mr. Ford, a school teacher, was charged with soliciting an act of prostitution. Mr. Zulauf defended him with a diminished capacity defense. After a week long trial, a jury acquitted him of all counts.

Teacher acquitted of solicting sex from young boys, Spokane Chronicle, October 22, 1987.

State v. Daniel Holland

Mr. Holland was charged with First Degree Murder for killing his young cousin and burying her body in the back yard. The State alleged he committed the crime with premeditated intent. After a two week trial the jury acquitted him of the most serious charge.

State v. Charles Weatherston

Mr. Weatherston was charged with First Degree Murder. He was in an argument in a tavern and invited an individual to go outside the tavern to fight. There he shot and killed the man. The prosecutor argued that he committed the crime with premeditated intent to kill. The jury acquitted Mr. Weatherston of the most serious counts.

State v. Charles Gant

Mr. Gant was charged with Murder 2 for killing Mr. Bridgewater in Volunteer Park. Mr. Zulauf presented a self defense claim.In the first trial the jury hung, 11 to 1 for guilty. Mr. Gant was re-tried. In the second trial the jury hung 6 to 6 for guilty. Before the third trial the prosecutor offered a plea to Manslaughter in the second degree with a recommendation for immediate release.Mr. Gant prior to the third trial was released from custody.

Warren Polk

Mr. Polk was charged with Premeditated First Degree Murder in Pierce County, Washington. He was alleged to have strangled his girlfriend and stuffed her body into a trunk. He was found not guilty of Murder 1, but guilty of Murder 2.

Man sentenced in murder, Seattle Times, September 2, 1993.

Brooke James

Ms. James was charged with Controlled Substance Homicide. It was alleged she had shared a drug, GHB, with a friend who died of an overdose. A day before trial the prosecution dismissed the Homicide charges. Ms. James pled guilty to possession of a dangerous drug.

Young woman to do hard time in drug death, Herald Net, April 4, 2009.